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Thursday, 4 March 2010


The woodchop is a challenging and dynamic exercise targeting the abs and back. It's a great way to Strengthen the core for twisting motions Like those involved in golf, baseball, or tennis. You can do this move from the bottom up or reverse the move and do it from the top down to change things up. The key to keeping safe this move is to rotate the hips and knees in the direction you're moving and focus on contracting the abs.

1.Place the swiss ball near the floor directly in line with the right foot, while keeping you shouldres facing forward.

2.Using advance a twisting motion from the floor past the left shoulder.

3.Keeping the arms straight, rotate the body and bring the arms up in a diagonal while squeezing the abs.

4.Rotation the hips and knees as you turn to avoid injuring the joints.

5.Rotate back and repeat for 10-16 reps before switching sides.
6. A more advance movement of woodchops would "involve a weighted medicine ball to add more weight.

1 comment:

dinkyd5 said...

Tried and tested, an easy yet intense workout! You can really feel your whole body working! The width of the swiss ball intensifies the whole workout, the twisting motion really worked my sides.

This morning my thighs and biceps were firmer and my mid section felt tighter!