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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Never compensate your form so you can lift more

Going to the gym on a regular basis i see some horrific things in the way guys are killing themselves to lift as much weight as possible in order to get "big".

A guy said to me this morning "you can lift more than that , cmon Q" this is the same guy that has wraps around his knee, elbow, wrists and wears a belt and constantly moans of all the injuries he is carrying.

Because of the strict form I keep when working out I feel I gain more or as much as these guys trying to bulk up quick and throwing the weights all over the place and injury free (touch wood).

These few pointer have always hepled me :

Step 1: Leave Your Ego At The Entrance Of The Gym!

Step 2: Slow Down

Step 3: Use Lighter Weight!

Step 4: Squeeze The Weight!

Step 5: Performing The Repetitions Correctly

Step 6: Train According To Your Capacity, Not Your Goals!

Step 7: Get An Independent Observer/Spotter!

Step 8: Keep Track Of Your Diet!

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