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Friday, 23 September 2011

Just don't get it ???????

As most of you know I am a personal trainer and have been for a while.

Every now and again there are things that come along and just puzzle me and this is one of them.

If I have a leak in my house, I aint going to try and fix it, I will call the plumber because that aint my field.

 If I have an electrical fault at home or work, I'm going to call the electritian because that aint my field.

But when people go to the gym they want to DIY and not ask me or a proffesional trainer any advice, I just don't understand how they think very little of my proffesion and that they have the knowlage and understanding of what they are putting there bodies through.
By the looks of some bodies I have seen ask for advice before you do more damage than good.

Just something that was bugging me that I had to get off my chest :)

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