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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Kettlebell workout

Went to the gym this morning and attacked a kettlebell routine that I thought up, give it a go.

45 secs of work followed by 15 secs of rest, I reccomend a timer like a gym boss that does the rest time for you.

Bent Knee deadlift (32kg)
Straight Knee deadlift(32kg)
Swing (32kg)
Clean and Press Right arm (24kg)
Clean and Press Left arm (24kg)
Snatch R arm (20 kg)
Snatch L arm(20kg)
Ab roll outs

I rested for around 3 mins then repeated this a further 2 times, all together i went round 3 rounds, was tough and my Tshirt was completly soaked :))

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