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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

German Volume training

Last night my client came to me and said" Feel like i am loosing weight on my legs lets do legs tonight "I returned with a little grin and returned "German Vol it is then" this is what we did. 10 sets of 10 reps, weight 100kg.
Here is why:
When it comes to the German Volume Training (GVT) routine, many people think it is insane. German Volume Training has gained in popularity for the past several years, and almost every body building forum online has people asking daily about what the routine really consists of and the results it provides. The routine has stood the test of time, with dozens of people posting monthly about their results and how great it works. Many people stand by their results and will testify that German Volume Training definitely lives up to the hype.
The routine follows a simple ideology and that is getting to the gym and targeting a specific body part with a ton of weight lifting at a fast pace, and then resting to recuperate. While this doesn't sound bad, the high volume of weight at the fast pace make the German Volume Training routine a very highly effective work out regiment. Regardless of what you read though, you should absolutely try out whatever training regiment you are interested in to see for yourself how your body improves. 

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