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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

"Horrible Workout "

I had to write this workout on my blog as so many of my clients have complained about it, it's only right I share it with you all

10 min Armwrap:

Push press (20/50 kg)  5 reps
Deadlift (20/50kg)    10 reps
Box Jump      Knees must be straight top of the box

Repeat this over 10 mins, 1 round is completion of the 3 above exercises. ( My score was 6 rounds )

50 sit ups varied or the same

15 min Armwrap:

Front squat  (20/50kg)  Knee -elbows  5 reps
10 Burpees  (chest to floor, clap above head, feet must leave the floor )
20 0verhead lunges (5/20kg)

Repeat this over a 15 min period and count your rounds (My score was 7 rounds )

50 sit ups varied or the same

Stretch your lower body

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