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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


As a personal trainer it is very important to hear the feedback from my clients and for proposed clients to see what and how I do it . Feel free to leave any comments


Chokerqueen said...


OK it's Tuesday September 15th and I completed a 45 minute session with Coach Q tonight and boy was it tough!

Dont expect some nancy so called fitness instructor who knows nothing about the body but did a six week course at college to call him/herself a personal trainer. If that's what you want then go to your local, very expensive health club. Q has been training me for the last three weeks - twice a week (I am supposed to go running on my own at least once a week but I have only done it once (please dont tell Q)). So far we have used the powerplates and the pilates machine (awesome). But in good old fashioned Q style he hasnt stopped there. He knows a woman loves to slap so he introduced the slaps to me! Yeah man! Slapping is such fun when you aint getting slapped back! Come on Donna, he shouts - count 1...1,2...1,2,3 etc. Every time I got the rhythm wrong I had to start again. Slap slap slap kick. Believe it or not I got it right eventually. I have missed one session so far, last Friday and I felt really guilty but I was back on it again tonight even though I was mentally exhausted. We worked the plates with avengeance tonight and to say I am aching is an understatement. Q has been full of praise every time I complete an exercise and this wills me to go on. From now on I will leave a comment on how each session went just to keep you all up to scratch. I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO CONTROL MY EATING NOW AND WE WILL BE HALF WAY THERE. YUM YUM - THE PASTA SURE TASTES GOOD TONIGHT. (Sorry Q).

chokerqueen said...

It's one week later and much to tell. I forgot to post my comments after Friday the 18th session but we'll get back to that soon.

Tonight's session went really well. To say I was apprehensive about it was an understatement. Here's how we got there............

This afternoon I got a text from Q saying "You're in the 7pm class with me tonight so get ready" followed by a grinning emoticom. Of course I panicked and wondered what class Q was doing that I could join in. I had visions of me side by side with the keep fit God and someone else shouting at us. So I sent a message back saying "class? Get ready? U tryin to make me nervous?" He promptly responded "Nah. You are now ready fo a class you just go at your own pace" Thus came the nerves. I turned up at 7 o'clock and Sue and Lynne were already there. 2 minutes later, Tracey turned up and there we had it - a power plate circuit class - my first. AS usual Q was full of praise as we did burpees and swings and thrusts followed by the plank and leg raises, followed by God knows what (but they hurt). From 30 45 high to 35 60 high (God knows what it all meant but it lasted a life time!) Anyway we all worked very hard and I kept up with everyone else. In fact when it came to the piece de resistance - the plank on two plates I have to say that I did GREAT. No-one else managed to raise an arm on their own like I did (dont know how I did it, but I did). I was well CHUFFED! lol. Everyone agreed that we had a great session. Q was full of encouragement and pushed us as far as we wanted to be pushed Can't wait til tomorrow so I can complain about how much I am aching due to my fabulous workout.

NOW on another agenda - everything is all good when I train with Q but you and I know that twice a week just aint cuttin it. What I now need is someone to take me running once or twice a week. Any offers? I want to lose at least
1 1/2 stones and I know that twice a week in the gym will not make that happen. I feel fitter and stronger but I want to be slimmer, fitter and stronger. Just one thing, though - dont expect conversation cos I cant run and talk at the same time.

Back to Friday - fab session knackered at the end. Lots of slaps and kicks (just what I like). AND of course - lots of encouragement from Q. See you later.

Militant Sista said...

Curcuit training on the Plate....

Yesterday was my second session in the new venue, with Coach Q. I must say I am impressed, with the facilities.

My first session was last Thurdsay. It was actually my first session, in a while, after falling off the execise wagon....

Coach Q knows that I'm up for the challenge & boy did he put me through my paces.... He started me off on the pilates table, followed by exercises using the kettle bells, stability ball & my own body weight.

In his usual manner, he was able to motivate, encourage & challenge me but at my own pace. I put my all into it. So by the end of the session, I could definately feel the effects. But no pain no gain!

Yesterday afternoon, I received a txt, similar to Chokerqueen. inviting me to join a power plate curcuit class.. I had never been to one before so I didn't know what to expect.

To be honest with you, I was a bit intimidated by the equipment & the other ladies in the group, who all looked like they had been training on the power plates for some time. So I was relieved to know I wasn't the only first timer in the group.

But Coach Q, was able to put me at ease, & have everyone laughing before the session began.

Wow! Curcuit training on the Power plates, amazing!... In total it lasted about 45mins. Coach Q stepped up the intensity at the right pace.

Training in the group helped to motivate me & Coach Q keep reminding us to take it at our own pace. I finished the session feeling very energised.

However, I'm now feeling sore in places I haven't felt for a long time. But it's all good. Bring it on Coach Q, bring it on!!

All I can say is Power plates are definately the way forward!

Thanks Coach Q

Chokerqueen said...

Friday 25th September

HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SLAP AND TICKLE? Who sang that? I dont remember but what I do know is that there was no tickling going on tonight! NO SAH!! Started with the power plates after a warm up on the cross trainer (I burnt 180 calories in 4 minutes and that's almost a bag of maltesers I think). Slowly getting better and the excercises are becoming a little easier.

What I thought was going to be a 30 minute session ended up a 45 minute one because Q's next client turned up very late so I reaped the benefits. Whilst the plates were excellent and again came with lots of encouragement I had a really good session on the slaps and kicks moving to baseline. I just LURVE this section and before long I had Q backing into a corner with my Thai 6. All the aches and pains I was still suffering from on Tuesday were forgotten as I got down to it. Thanks for another great session Q and see you on Tuesday. Oh and I am still looking for someone to run with AND what's the cure for cramp in the foot whilst excercising? Dont tell me more salt cos that just aint gonna happen. I sound like a wreck, dont I? But you know what? - Many a sinking ship has been raised. Later.

neesa said...

3 weeks ago i tried on my bikini for my upcoming holiday, after months of slacking from the gym i had become increasingly wobbly in more than a few places and decided i was in need of some serious help!

so i dug out my bejewelled trainers and headed to the gym however found was i finding it boring and was struggling to motivate myself. one night i found myself on the treadmill after a long day at work thinking of chinese food! (so not helpful when desperately trying to shed the pounds!) i decided it was time to call in a professional.

i have now had 4 training sessions with Q and i have to say have noticed more of a difference to my figure than a month of going to the gym (no joke).
i find the sessions fly by as each time its different and that the variation keeps me from getting bored. i also have found that having that extra motivation pushes me to do so much more than i would normally when working out at the gym.

i can actually say i'm enjoying proper exercise (apparently shopping doesn't count!) something i never thought possible!

looking forward to next weeks session as my mum is joining me.

neesa x

babyfaceyoung said...

So i've finally got round to posting some comments on this blog - it had nothing to do with Qu's comment tonight of go on my blog or i'm not training you next week haha! Life has just been hectic of late but always find time to train with Qu.

Since Jan 09 i've been introduced to a whole host of new and structured training techniques, single exercises and routines that have all been tailor made to helping me achieve both my short-term and long-term goals.

Barbell, Kettlebells, Totalgym, Gym Stick & now powerplate to name just a few! Thats the best thing about my training now its is everything but routine and stale. Just when your body starts to become accustomed to a set of exercises Qu mixes it up and introduces the ache back into my training.

So tonight was no exception, it was spooky how as if telepathically Qu knew that i'd started to get used to the previous weeks of KB exercise the new Cross Frame was thrown into the mix - Damn i'm gonna feel that bad boy tomorrow, especially as the KB's were used after just to take it to another level...

I will aim to keep the comments coming, but I have nothing but praise for Coach Qu who has since Jan rebuilt my strength, fitness and overall conditioning following a serious ankle injury through his training and nutrition support...

chokerqueen said...

It's sunday 4th October and I need to tell you all about last tuesday and Friday's sessions with coach Q. Last Tuesday after thinking he had shamed me because I hadnt been for a run - Q - Did you go running yesterday? Me - No Q
Q - Why not? SILENCE. That is the only thing you have to do using self motivation so why cant you do it? SILENCE. OK so now we will have to go running in one of our sessions because I know you are losing weight but you would be doing much better if you put some cardio vascular sessions into your weekly training. See you tomorrow. Bye. LINE WENT DEAD. At this point I grinned to myself cos that's exactly what I wanted. On tuesday night we didnt do the plates but did the kettle bells for the whole session and boy did I feel it by lunchtime the next day. It was a brilliant session. I used the light ones due to my shoulder problem and it was still hard. As ever - pure motivation all the way. Friday came and sure enough Q took me to the dreaded steps. I couldnt have imagined what it would be like. I had pictures of Rocky Balboa going through my head but when I saw the steps for real I almost died. I forgot to count them but each step was around 2-3 strides deep and there was around 12-15 of them. The first run up the steps wasnt too bad. The second? Legs like jelly by the time I got half way up. The last time I ran up (well if you can call it running) Q gave me a 4 step lead and told me to run as fast as I could and not to let him catch me up. I shouted GO and off I went. I lost the plot after about 4 steps and he ran past me urging me to catch him up. WOW! It took me a good 10 minutes to breathe normally after that but it was well worth it. WE went back to the gym and did a few more plate excercises before his next client arrived. Am I ready for the next session? You bet I am! And Q - in answer to your next question YES I DID GO RUNNING TONIGHT. Adios.

babyfaceyoung said...

Okay! As promised, gonna try get a bit of a blog routine going on! I'll try to give a little outline of my latest session along with feedback of how I felt/recovered from the previous weeks training...

Training tonight consisted of 30min blast on the Powerplate, then downstairs for 30mins pain on the cable frame and kettlebells. Once again Qu introduced the little twists to open me up which i'm sure will lead to another 48hrs of DEEP DEEP ache as last week haha!

Last weeks training/Coach Qu treatment lead to only by thursday being able to raise my arms above my head pain/ache free! The last time I mention that I feel that i'm getting used to the KB's! Had a 30min run pounding the streets of Chapel A straight after my session with Qu - no pain no gain haha!

Due to the ache, opted to swim wednesday morning followed my sauna & steam room, eased my muscles for a while anyway haha!

So the little "Qu Twist" this week - kettlebell sets time based instead of reps. Defo gonna feel that in the moro, got me burning...

Once again - good times!

babyfaceyoung said...

Okay so after a week off to allow some 'battery recharging' I was back on it tonight - Damn I felt it!

After a longer than usual warm up due to arriving early - full of beans to get back in the training zone (well thats the intention haha). It was onto Strike. Now up to 8's with the arms and 7's with the feet although from 6 it was a bit of a struggle to get the old brain working!

After that straight into throwing some KB's round - gotta love it. I did think Qu was going soft when he said we were going for 30 sec sets instead of straight back into 45's after missing a week - just to confirm Qu thats the most sensible thing you've said all year! I was truly broken...

So to sum up, not sure if the week off helped or hindered. I guess i'll find out when I wake up in the moro...

babyfaceyoung said...

Just a quick blog today! I'm a broken man.

KBs for 45 seconds with a 30 second breather! Damn it was tuff tonight, I'm gonna feel that in the morning!

Session went Warm Up, KB, Powerplater, more KBs, Cross Frame & an Abs blast to finish...

Writing this has just brought the sickly feeling back haha!