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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Futuristic workouts

It's 2010 but most people are training like it was 20 years ago.

We all live in society where time is scarce, so spending an hour plus on working out may not be sustainable due to a lack of time and many other reasons I don't wanna touch on yet.

I have designed a 30 min approach to your workouts which because of the design will also benifit your (CV) as well as your optimimum goal.

Kettlebells and Power plates are the tools that will help me the most  re shape the body you want and are working towards.

Come and see for yourself what I'm talking about , c'mon 30 mins ain't going to hurt, is it ????

1 comment:

dinkyd5 said...

Been training now for about 7 weeks and the 30 min workouts are excellent, intense and motivated, you will be amazed how much you can do in 30 mins, however, I couldn't do all the workouts with out the Q Master...

I feel the intensity within the first 7-8 mins! (No lie!)