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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Power plates

 The technology was first used in space science to help astronauts maintain bone density and muscle tone in zero-gravity conditions. You can improve your fitness level by incorporating power plate with your exercise routine.

.Power Legs

There are a variety of exercises you can do to improve your leg strength on the Power Plate. With both feet spaced to either edge of the Power Plate lower your buttocks down into a sit-squat. Don't hold the bar to increase the workout, forcing your legs to adjust to the rapid vibrations. You can bring your legs closer together to do a traditional squat as well.

You can also do lunges with one foot on the Power Plate and one foot on the floor. You can switch between lunging up to the plate and lunging down to the floor to improve balance and the overall workout.

Power Abs

A strong core is the key to a healthy back and confident posture. The Power Plate can help you maximize your abdominal workouts. Sit on the Power Plate balancing on your buttocks. Raise your legs up with your knees bent and feet off the floor and off the plate. Do crunches reaching fro your knees for a basic core exercise. Lower your torso but don't let it down and keep your legs just inches above the plate for leg lifts. If you are having trouble balancing you can also do crunches and ab work with your buttocks on the ground and feet on the plate. Flip over onto your belly and get into the Superman position to stretch your back and work muscles in the mid and lower back section.

Power Cardio

The Power Plate offers a full cardio workout program that will help you burn more calories and improve muscle mass in less time. When doing a cardio workout with the Power Plate, set the machine to 35 hertz to warm up doing stretches on the machine. As you warm up, increase the vibration frequency and begin a step routine. You can use the arm straps to incorporate your arms for a full body workout.

If you get dizzy or tired during the workout, take a break. This is an intense workout that increases circulation. Always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine

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