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Monday, 17 May 2010

Barebell workout

This workout is ideal when you are limited for time and also want to challenge your wind (Cardio)

Arm curls
Press behind the neck
Bent over rows(aim the bar for the belly button)
Bench press
Squat(Place a bench under you so can measure the depth of every squat)
Tricep Extention (Hold the bar behind buttocks and extend the arms straight outwards).

Each exercise should be done between 15/30 reps with no rest. When complete the first round rest for 2 mins and repeat again, this should be done a total of 3 times.

Add some variety of grip for some of the exercises give eg. Behind the neck first round , infront of neck round 2, variety of both for round 3.
Same with arm curls using a different grip each round.
This is a routine that you can never get bored off and can add onto it

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