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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Today we got he kettlebells out @ 7am and :

45/15 work/rest
Kbell swing (20kg)
Kbell clean (l)
Kbell clean (r)
Kbell snatch (l)
Kbell snatch(r)
Kbell clean and press(l)
Kbell clean and press (r)
Upright row with half burpee
Overhead swing 
Round the world 
After the first 10 exercises we rested for 2ins then went to the chin up bar to complete 10, 8 and 6 reps.

Back to the bells and some movements will require 2 kbells therefore the weight may have to be dropped.


Double Kbell swing (16kg)
Double Kbell clean 
Db Kbell press(alternative arms )
Db Kbell deadlift (both bells touch floor outside of feet)
Press up (right hand on Kbell)
Press up (left hand on Kbell )
Kbell calf raisers
Round the world 

Dips on the bar again 10,8 and 6 reps . We finished with an assortments  of abs exercises which lasted about 10 mins 

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