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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


We completed this one last night and was no joke , you need to be working in pairs or time yourself how long it takes to do and repeat the same time for rest .

10 swings , 10 cleans (l), 10 cleans (r), 10 snatch(l) 10 snatch (r)
Partner repeats or rest for the time.
Repeat the same routine this time everything is 9 reps , we call this going down the ladder.

When both people complete the 1 rep allow 90 seconds and begin to climb up the ladder only to 5reps but now increase the weight of the kettle bell (32kg).

Onto pull ups and dips, 10 pull ups 10 chins again we went down the ladder to 1.

Finished the session with a few abs exercises, job done , give it a go using your own weights to challenge YOU

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