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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Quick blast

If you only got 30 mins try this kettlebell workout all over body. 45 secs on :15 secs rest: 6 different exercises(45:15:x6).

Kbell 1 arm swing
Other arm swing
Clean and press 1 arm (all the way to the ground)
Other arm clean and press  "               "
Round the world (passing the kbell from 1 hand to the other in a circular movement trying to keep the kbell waist height at all times.
2 mins Rest

2 handed swing
1 arm bicep curl(drag the kbell far back to engage tricep and keep elbow tight to maximise the bicep)
Other arm bicep swing
1 leg tilt( keep torso parellel to the floor)
"                    "                            "
Press up 1 arm on kbell( can switch in the duration of the 45 secs
2 mins rest

King Swing ( swing the kbell from the ground above the head)
Kbell squats (Elbow to knee)
  "             "                "
Tricep extention (kbell extend above head, may have to reduce weight and keep elbows inwards)
Kbell 4's(side ,side, fwd and up movement with a light kbell)

This workout shouldn't last longer than 30 mins and will challenge your cardio , good luck

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