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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Session this Morning

Had a session this morning with a client called Paul, it was such a good session I had to write about it on my blog to share it with yall.

Bench press 60 kg x8 reps
Chin ups/pull ups x8 reps
Arm curls 20 kg 4 reps both arms alternative
Tricep extention 12kg kbell
Abs Rolli 8 reps
30 secs rest and repeat 4 times.

90 secs rest then we switched the exercises to:

Dumbell flies 20kg x8 reps
Dumbell arm curls sat on incline bench 14kg x8 reps
Bosu squats kbell 12kg x2 x8reps
Hanging high knees x8 reps

Complete throughout without stopping when completed rest for 30 secs and repeat 4 times .

We completed this workout in 30 mins, was a tough one but highly enjoyable and challenged our cardio from the speed we did our reps.

Have fun, tried and tested

1 comment:

Christopher Hunt said...

I'm gonna do this one at the weekend :D